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Most businesses wish to preserve their existing phone numbers (referred to as DIDs by phone companies, which stands for Direct Inward Dial).

This can be done through the number porting process, but involves special considerations. The porting process is initiated by the “winning carrier”, in this case GemVoice, by requesting the port.

Proper documentation is required to port a phone number

  • the last phone bill from the “losing carrier”
  • a signed Letter of Authorization (LOA), which we will generate and send to you to sign and send back to us

Because porting is not exact, it is preferable to forward your existing DIDs to temporary phone numbers we will provide, until after the GemVoice service is in place. After GemVoice is up and running, a port will be initiated.

When porting existing phone numbers to GemVoice it is important to take into account the following considerations:

  1. It is best to call your current carrier and express your desire to forward your phone numbers at a specific date. Make sure that this is possible and learn the process for doing so. Find out how much lead time is required to forward the existing phone numbers and how long you can keep the forwards active for.
  2. Slightly before the GemVoice service start date, call the losing phone service and initiate the forward on a one-to-one basis. Each DID you wish to keep should forward to a temp DID that GemVoice provides.
  3. Once this is done, your incoming phone calls will ring the GemVoice system.
  4. Usually, we wait 5-7 business days before initiating the porting process to make sure all GemVoice systems are fully operational and tested.
  5. Once GemVoice is tested in it’s live environment, we initiate the port, provide the phone bill, and then generate a LOA to send to the losing carrier.
  6. The port process will now be smooth. If there are any porting issues, the forwards will be in place to maintain service. Once the port is completed, GemVoice will have control of the DIDs. Our systems are pre-programmed to answer these DIDs as soon as they are ported.
  7. Porting is complete and the losing phone carrier can be called and all forwards can be deactivated.

see the FCC guide on porting: