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Building your Seven Gems VoIP system is easy and allows complete flexibility. Use our GemVoice System Builder to get started with your cloud voice system.


Sizing your system

Letting us know how many end callers you will have allows our systems to launch a private call node that’s perfectly sized for you.

Phone numbers

Do you already have phone numbers that will be brought into GemVoice? If you do, we’ll make sure to get you the forms necessary to begin the number porting process. On the other hand, if you would like new or additional numbers, we can help out with that too.

Hardware and Softphones

GemVoice works best with and is partnered with Polycom, the leader in Voice over IP phones. Whether you already have Polycom phones or are looking to upgrade to them, we’ve got you covered. We can discuss your needs and recommend phones that your team will love using.

Migration and porting services

We offer migration and number porting specialist support to help make sure your migration to the cloud is flawless!