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Entering the conference bridge

  1. Dial in to the company direct line/DID
  2. Dial the key 8
  3. Enter the conference bridge 6 digit pin(note moderators pin will be different to that of the participants)
  4. After entering the pin you will be prompted to announce your name and the conference will begin.

Creating the Conference Room and Pins

  1. Sign into the designated web address using your designated username and password.
  2. Enter into the tab called Apps
  3. Click on the section labeled Conference Center
  4. Click on the button at the top right corner that states “Rooms
  5. To create a new room click on the (+) sign
  6. There you can fill out the options you would like to include into this room; options include sound, security, recording of the call, maximum callers, announcements, and if the moderator should be waited for before starting the conference call.
  7. Once all your settings are entered press Save and your conference room is ready to use.

Auto-dialing to the Conference Bridge

To allow auto-dialing into the conference bridge you will need to save the DID/Phone number in your contacts or in an email conversation as a whole string.

  1. Enter the DID/phone number to the company
  2. Add two Commas (,) after the last digit of the DID
  3. Afterward enter the number 8
  4. Add two Commas (,) after entering 8
  5. For the moderator enter the 6 Digit Pin
  6. For the participants enter the 6 Digit Pin
  7. Save the phone number into your contacts/Send the phone number in a calendar or email invite

Ex. (888) 123-4567,,8,,123456